My career


I started my career as a school teacher at Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais (Beirut, Lebanon) and a university instructor in the Faculty of Languages at Saint-Joseph University (Beirut, Lebanon). I used to teach English as a second foreign language.

I have an MA degree in English literature and a PhD. degree in Education.

In 2013, I got a scholarship from the Francophone University Association which is a global network of French-speaking higher-education . A cotutelle is a double PhD. program offers you the opportunity to complete your doctoral studies at my University  which is Saint-Joseph University as well as at another  university (outside of Lebanon) which is Université Lumière Lyon 2. In a cotutelle doctoral program you are jointly supervised by a thesis supervisor at each institution and you attend the two universities alternately. My supervisors are Professor Ramzi Salamé (Lebanon) and Professor Philippe Meirieu (France). You need to attend seminars, and you work on a thesis to be defended only once in front of a jury chosen by the two partner universities. Once you have completed your doctoral program, each university confers a separate degree, with a mention of the cotutelle collaboration on the degrees.

My dissertation is in French and it is entitled : “Innovation en formation continue et dynamique coopératives : Étude sur le travail en réseau des enseignants au sein des établissements de l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger au Liban”.

On this website, you can learn more about my research activities. I hope you will visit it often. You can also subscribe to my LinkedIn or twitter feed or my Facebook page by clicking the widgets to the right.


About RANA

University Professor MA. in English Literature PhD. in Education
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